About Dr. Daley

Heartfelt Healing Arts emphasizes giving out of unselfish spiritual love,
compassion and dedicated service to humanity…including animals.

Dr. Gaile Daley is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of Georgia. Dr. Daley is also an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association animal chiropractor and certified equine and canine sports massage therapist from Equissage.

Originally from New York, Dr. Daley had a long and successful career in law enforcement, beginning with a degree in Criminal Justice.  She was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force and served in the United States Marshal Service as a senior criminal investigator.

Before she began her education in healing, Dr. Daley became involved with chiropractic due to her personal accidents and history of allergies.  After successful treatment, she was able to discontinue all medication for her allergies.  “It was amazing how much better life was!” said Dr. Daley.

After she retired as a US marshal, she was inspired to help others the way that she had been helped, and began her chiropractic education.  When it brought her to the south, she enjoyed the shorter winters and decided to stay.  Dr. Daley completed training at Parker College of Chiropractic and Life University School of Chiropractic and has 200 hours of post graduate studies in Veterinary Chiropractic.  Dr. Daley also holds a Certificate of Completion from Soul Focused Transformational Healing.

Dr. Daley’s passion is animal healing.  Dr. Daley has been an animal communicator and energy healer since childhood. Dr. Dailey also has three dogs that she enjoys showing at performance events such as Agility and Sheep Herding.

“In my childhood years, my connection with animals was different.  I did some first aid, hydrogen peroxide, on a baby rabbit’s ear that my cat had attacked.  The baby just relaxed in my hand and I felt a deep connection to wild animals from that experience.

I also have experienced that wild animals did not run away from me, even in my younger years.”

Professional Associations

Georgia Chiropractic Association – www.gachiro.org
American Veterinary Chiropractic Association – www.animalchiropractic.org
Humane Society of Jackson County – www.hsjc.com
Xperience Connections – www.xperienceconnections.com
Ambassador, Veterinary Explorer Post #1418 North Georgia

Reviews from my Clients


“As the founder and executive director of Carpe Diem Farms, a life enrichment, wellness, learning and retreat center who utilize horses to teach individuals life skills, I am responsible for their care and well-being. Dr. Gaile has been working with my equine herd for more than four years. She treats the horses every two months. The horses and I appreciate her skills and abilities in assessing and treating their aches and pains. She is a caring practitioner whom I would highly recommend.”

Sue M. Blair, Founder/Executive Director Carpe Diem Farms

“Our large breed English Mastiff, Puppy, has had a few aches and pains lately due to her age, 10 years.  She has some trouble with her left hip.  That gives her pain and discomfort getting up and down, climbing stairs and sometimes just walking seems to bother her very much.  After adjustments by you, Puppy seems to be her old self.  She has no problem climbing stairs, walking, running and playing.  And of course climbing into her favorite chair to sleep.  Your “Dog side manner” is very good, especially with our very large dog that is not too crazy about having a stranger prodding and poking her.  I give a full recommendation regarding your animal adjusting services.”

Chris Carver, D.C. 

“We were so pleased with your visit with our dog, Sarah. She didn’t eat for several days, lost her desire to play and just laid down all day. This happened before and many problems ensued which eventually led to her various trips to the veterinarian. I then heard about Dr. Daley’s expertise with animals and her unique work. Immediately after the adjustment Sarah played, was responsive, and has been normal since the adjustment over two months ago. [Dr. Daley] is extremely gifted with her ability to not only adjust animals but also be in tune with and understand them.”

Daniel Liebowitz

“I highly recommend Dr. Gaile Daley to you as a fabulous canine chiropractor. She obviously loves animals and has demonstrated the professional skills and personal sensitivity that enables her to work with an extremely timid (and potential biter) and high-strung canine. I look forward to a long and continuing professional relationship between Dr. Daley and my dog, Libra.”

Karen J. Wagner

As an educator, Dr Gaile Daley from Heartfelt Healing Arts has graciously dedicated her time to our school on multiple occasions and presented an educational program about being an Animal Chiropractor to 2nd-5th graders. Dr. Daley engages the students immediately. She not only is a knowledgeable and wonderful speaker, she also quickly identifies with the students and grabs their attention. Many of them after her departure remark how much they loved her and dream of being a an animal chiropractor too.

On a personal note, my two mixed breeds immediately took a liking to Dr. Daley. Her sensitivities to the dog’s needs are quickly apparent. She takes much care to ensure their comfort while she works on them. Wicket and Luna are always excited when they see Dr. Daley and they cannot wait for her to lay her hands on them. Her tenderness, natural sensitivity to the dogs and expert knowledge of her field always assures me that my furkids are in the best hands possible.

Gaile Daley is a “Wonder”, a professional who is one of a kind.

Sonia Stewart
School Counselor & Proud dog mom of two mixed breeds