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Heartfelt Healing Arts, Dr. Gaile Daley

Animal Chiropractor who specializes in equine, canine, livestock and exotic care

Dr. Gaile Daley

Member in good standing with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Heartfelt Healing Arts is dedicated to administering exceptional care and expertise to accelerate health, healing, and vitality in caring for your pets through:


Chiropractic (AVCA certified)


Massage (IAAMT certified)


Communication (40+ years)


Energy Facilitation/Support Work (40+ years)


End of Life Transition Assistance


Bio Mechanics and Gait Analysis


Advanced Adjusting Techniques


Equine Lameness Exam


Chiropractic for Working and Performance


Postural Rehabilitation

Dr. Daley’s mobile healing practice can help you at your barn, at your show site, your veterinary office or in your home.


Pain can prevent horses from turning, clearing jumps or wanting to be ridden or saddled. It can also cause uncharacteristic behaviors and emotions.

We ask horses to engage in activities that they would not normally do on their own. Some feats are barrel racing, roping, cross-country, endurance, jumping, dressage, etc.

This high level of performance can cause subluxations (briefly stated as joint misalignments with various resultant complications). The horse can show us hints as to pain either immediately or over time. Some signs can be less subtle: refusals to your demands or just seeming “different” than before. He or she could also be cinchy during saddling.

Remember that performance of your horse can be limited if there is a health issue with the spine and/or extremities. Dr. Daley can conduct a chiropractic exam of your horse’s spine and extremities and perform the necessary adjustments.

Price varies according to your horse’s manners and the distance we must drive to see your horse.


Remember that performance of your dog can be limited if there is a health issue with the spine and/or extremities. Dr. Daley can conduct a chiropractic exam of your dog’s spine and extremities and perform the necessary adjustments.

Price varies according to your dog’s manners and the distance we must drive to see your horse.

Your dog can exhibit pain and limitation in various ways. They may be slow getting up or lying down, exhibit dizziness, limping, soreness when being touched, inability to turn the head/body smoothly, etc.

If your dog is a performer in events such as agility, rally, disc dog, water dog, fly ball, obedience, etc., they may have slower times on course or refusal to perform some aspects.

Remember that the performance of your animal can be limited if there is a health issue with the spine and/or extremities.


Dr. Daley can conduct a chiropractic exam of your animal’s spine and extremities and perform the necessary adjustments.

Reviews from my Clients


“As the founder and executive director of Carpe Diem Farms, a life enrichment, wellness, learning and retreat center who utilize horses to teach individuals life skills, I am responsible for their care and well-being. Dr. Gaile has been working with my equine herd for more than four years. She treats the horses every two months. The horses and I appreciate her skills and abilities in assessing and treating their aches and pains. She is a caring practitioner whom I would highly recommend.”

Sue M. Blair, Founder/Executive Director Carpe Diem Farms




“Our large breed English Mastiff, Puppy, has had a few aches and pains lately due to her age, 10 years.  She has some trouble with her left hip.  That gives her pain and discomfort getting up and down, climbing stairs and sometimes just walking seems to bother her very much.  After adjustments by you, Puppy seems to be her old self.  She has no problem climbing stairs, walking, running and playing.  And of course climbing into her favorite chair to sleep.  Your “Dog side manner” is very good, especially with our very large dog that is not too crazy about having a stranger prodding and poking her.  I give a full recommendation regarding your animal adjusting services.”

Chris Carver, D.C. 


“We were so pleased with your visit with our dog, Sarah. She didn’t eat for several days, lost her desire to play and just laid down all day. This happened before and many problems ensued which eventually led to her various trips to the veterinarian. I then heard about Dr. Daley’s expertise with animals and her unique work. Immediately after the adjustment Sarah played, was responsive, and has been normal since the adjustment over two months ago. [Dr. Daley] is extremely gifted with her ability to not only adjust animals but also be in tune with and understand them.”

Daniel Liebowitz



“I highly recommend Dr. Gaile Daley to you as a fabulous canine chiropractor. She obviously loves animals and has demonstrated the professional skills and personal sensitivity that enables her to work with an extremely timid (and potential biter) and high-strung canine. I look forward to a long and continuing professional relationship between Dr. Daley and my dog, Libra.”

Karen J. Wagner





I wanted to tell my incredible experience with Gaile Daley. I have known Gaile for a number of years now from the farm my daughter horseback rode at. She is an incredible animal chiropractor, but thats not why I am writing this. 6 weeks ago I had to put down my beloved Mastiff, Cleo, due to bone cancer. Even though, as a family, we all agreed it was her time I had the most overwhelming guilt afterwards. I am in the medical field and had the first anxiety attack of my life the night after we put my girl down. I couldn’t shake my very deep grief and guilt. My guilt was because I made the appointment and in my mind I made the decision to “kill” my girl. I know now we did the kindest thing a family could do, we didnt allow her to suffer.

I had made it known that my grief was overwhelming me and Gaile reached out and offered help. I thought how in the world could she help me? At this point I had only seen her work with animals, which was incredible don’t get me wrong. I figured what did I have to lose! So, the next morning Gaile arrived at my home. My 5 year old German Shepherd, who is extremely protective over my home and family, went crazy as usual when she arrived. I was trying to hold her back so she wouldn’t go after Gaile. Gaile told me to let her come to her, which I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my dog did a couple of circles around Gaile then pushed her head on her leg! You could have knocked me over with a feather! Gaile said, “she knows I’m here to help her family.” Gaile came in my home and began telling me things about Cleo that only MY family would have known. She then told me Cleo’s spirit hadn’t left and she was still here to watch over us. What people need to understand I couldn’t talk about her without sobbing! Gaile reassured me she would be able to help. She asked to have some space so she could do her “thing”. About 30+ minutes later I felt the heaviness that had been on my chest lift, literally lift! I could take my first deep breath I hadn’t been able to take in almost 48 hours. Gaile came.in the room and wiped tears away from her face. She told me Cleo was now gone and she had asked her father to help her transition. I asked her if I should be feeling the way I was or was it a fluke? Was I.crazy? No, not at all. Gaile gave peace to me, my family and my beautiful Cleo’ s soul. I was able to mourn our loss but have peace at the same time. I am forever grateful for Gaile and her incredible gift.

Jennifer Kinsey

As an educator, Dr Gaile Daley from Heartfelt Healing Arts has graciously dedicated her time to our school on multiple occasions and presented an educational program about being an Animal Chiropractor to 2nd-5th graders. Dr. Daley engages the students immediately. She not only is a knowledgeable and wonderful speaker, she also quickly identifies with the students and grabs their attention. Many of them after her departure remark how much they loved her and dream of being a an animal chiropractor too.

On a personal note, my two mixed breeds immediately took a liking to Dr. Daley. Her sensitivities to the dog’s needs are quickly apparent. She takes much care to ensure their comfort while she works on them. Wicket and Luna are always excited when they see Dr. Daley and they cannot wait for her to lay her hands on them. Her tenderness, natural sensitivity to the dogs and expert knowledge of her field always assures me that my furkids are in the best hands possible.

Gaile Daley is a “Wonder”, a professional who is one of a kind.

Sonia Stewart, School Counselor & Proud dog mom of two mixed breeds